Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I made snickerdoodles on Sunday. Ellie calls them "stickernoodles". I like that better.

I have no problem with people putting bumper stickers on the backs of their cars. I have a bumper sticker on my car (two, if you count the U of U sticker in the back window...oh, three, if you count the zoo member sticker - but that's beside the point). What I can't figure out is why people want to put a sticker on their car with print so small that it would require them to be rear-ended for anyone to actually be able to read it.

The secretary at the girls' school just called me. Vicki has a sore throat. Nice. But she doesn't have a fever, so the secretary made her go back to class and was just calling to give me a heads up.

I am coming out of the cleaning slump I've been in all last week. My new strategy: never leave a room empty-handed. I'm hoping this plan will eliminate the stuff that just sits for days on the stairs because nobody wants to move it. It's the little stuff that kills me.

Going to Costco with one kid is so much nicer than going with two. But I always feel like I'm missing something.

I ate Wendy's for lunch today. Jesus would be proud of me. My waistline? Not so much.

We have ants. They're just the little tiny black ones (just - like they're no big deal - ha!) but they're everywhere (why is it always the bathrooms?) and it's grossing me out. They usually don't come out until the middle of August, so this is new. Maybe they're trying out a new strategy in their ongoing plot for world domination, but it's not working for me, and after tomorrow when I go buy the ant traps, it's not going to be working so well for them, either. The girls will miss their new pets, though. Bummer.

Anyone else going to watch the ER finale tonight? I've only watched the show off and on recently, but when it started 15 years ago (15?!) I watched it religiously. I feel sort of obligated to see how it all ends.

I wish the sun would just make up its mind once and for all what it wants to do today.

Words Vicki asked me to define yesterday: chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and Viagra.


  1. I'm watching the ER finale! I talk about it all the time with a teacher on my team - we both watch it weekly.
    We had ants 2 years ago in our kitchen and it was a pain. They came in through a tiny hole in the baseboard - I filled it with glue and they never returned. Good Luck getting rid of them!

  2. We have had crazy ant problems here. I think they crawl up the waterlines. Of course, if they are looking for food, my kids leave plenty of crumbs. I finally paid to have Terminix come out this year. There is probably a cheaper way for me to do the same thing, but I was really really sick of them.

  3. gotta love curiosity about words. At least Vicki didn't use the word Viagra in a sentence without understanding what it really means. Sorry to hear about the Ants. I agree they are very evil and I think that your strategy will definitely interrupt their plans for world domination.

    Question about the bumper sticker...have you ever been so curious about the contents of a bumper sticker that you come close to rear-ending the car in front of you? I am always annoyed when they move too far away and I can't finish it. I don't really have a problem with them either but I do think that they have probably caused one or two accidents in the past. What about the one that says "If you can read this then you are too close" doesn't that seem like a hypocritical thing to have on your car. You are inviting someone closer to your car to have them read the sign only to get mad at them and tell them to back off...hmmmm

  4. I love it when kids make up names for things! Ilana used to (I don't know if she still does or not) call skunks "stunks." I liked that one better too, so I've adopted it.

    We have ant problems at our house too. They get in our kitchen and it is just gross. We have to wash dished before we use them because it just grosses me out. We use the liquid baits and that seems to work pretty well.

    I recorded the ER finale on the DVR, but am not sure whether or not I'm going to watch it. I stopped watching ER when it became too much like work for me. I come home to get away from work. :)

    I want Spring to come!!!

  5. I want to hear how you explained virtuous and viagra! :)

  6. I have to agree with the Costco thing. I took both girls with me the other day and it was a NIGHTMARE!!But I have to say that I think I lie Costco with no kids the best.

  7. Haha...this one cracks me up - it fits for us as well. I always feel like I'm forgeting something, too if I don't have one (or any) of the kids with me.

    The ant thing, we get them every spring, the baited hotels are what work for us.

  8. We have ants in our bathroom too! Abbie vacillates between excited and terrified.

    Please tell me how you defined Viagra!

  9. I watched a ton of the first season of ER, but haven't watched anything since.

    Our ant traps work like magic.

    Hmm, in what order does one define those words to a kid?

  10. Viagra? That's an easy one--it's a PDE-5 inhibitor.


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