Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well...That Was Easy

This evening, over a plateful of hard-boiled eggs, Chris and Ellie had the following conversation:

Ellie: "How come there's no baby chicks inside the eggs when we buy them at the store?"
Chris: "Well, it's because the eggs aren't fertilized."
E: "So, that means there were no roosters around to fertilize the eggs in the chickens?"
C: "Um, yes, that's exactly what that means.  How did you know that?"
E: "Oh, I listened at the door when you and Mom were talking to sissies.  Because I wanted to learn stuff, too."

Guess that's one talk we won't have to have.

This girl cracks me up.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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How's this for random: this morning I stopped by the lost & found at the school, hoping to retrieve a sweatshirt that Ellie swears she left on the lunch table yesterday.  I found no sweatshirt (of hers - there are LOTS of other kids' sweatshirts there, though), but did actually find a jacket of hers that I didn't even know was missing.

I dreamed last night that I made a list of things to write about in today's post.  I don't remember what was on the list, though.

I love having three daughters.  But I do wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a son.  Not enough to actually make that happen, of course.

The lady at the local post office is a little on the cranky side.  She doesn't like it when I ask her for the cheapest rate possible for mailing packages.  I'm not paying $25 for something to arrive in three days when I can pay half as much for it to get there in a week.  Sorry, cranky post office lady.

I scored a 91% on my Microbiology midterm.  I felt pretty good about that, but even better when she announced that the class average was 83%.  Go me!

Microbiology is fascinating.  I just really highly recommend cleaning out the fridge BEFORE you start the class. FYI.

I wish I felt as good about Anat. & Phys.  That class is killing me.  I had no idea there were so many types of tissue in our bodies.  Sheeees...

I just realized that I will have lots of extra kids here after school today, and I really don't have any good after-school snack foods.  Last time that happened, I baked cookies.  Maybe I'll just have to bake cookies again.

Oooh, I like the phrase "have to bake cookies".  Cookies are a need, right?

Your turn!

Friday, April 20, 2012

From a Sparrow to a Star

Vicki's school participates in Sparrow Clubs.  Each year they sponsor a youth with a medical need, and for each hour of community service a student performs, $10 is donated to the youth's family.  It's a great way to help middle schoolers learn to see beyond themselves, and to understand the benefits of service.  Vicki and her friends have been very excited about sponsoring their Sparrow, a local high school senior named Felicia.

Most of the kids have never even met Felicia, but, after having been invested in her cause for the better part of a school year, they have grown to love her.  Which is why it was devastating for them to learn that this past weekend she was brought home from the hospital and placed under Hospice care.  And even more devastating to learn that early Thursday morning her battle with cancer finally came to an end.

It was a sad day for our entire community.  Her family is well known and loved, and so many people have come to know and love Felicia herself.  When Vicki arrived home from school with a heavy heart, I shared with her the tributes that people were posting on Facebook, including this one:

"When you look up at the night sky and see the newest, brightest, most sparkling star, you'll know it's Felicia."

At about 9:30 last night Vicki knocked on my bedroom door, asking me if I could come outside with her for a minute.  I couldn't imagine why a kid who should already be asleep in bed already would want to go outside on a chilly, rainy night until she quietly said, "Mom, I want to look at the stars."

So my daughter and I went outside and looked up at the sky for a few minutes to honor this beautiful brave girl who neither of us had even met, but who had deeply touched both our lives.

Through the clouds, only one star was visible, and it was sparkling brightly.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I was reading over a few of my old posts this morning.  I miss the way I used to blog.  I wish there was more time in a day.

The teachers in our district are probably going to be going on strike next week.  It's a sad situation, and all I can say is that education does not get anywhere near the funding it deserves.

I need lots of "field trip" ideas for next week.  Gotta keep these kids busy when they should be in school.  Hey, maybe we'll all earn Girl Scout badges!  Or I can teach them anatomy!

I miss comments on my blog.  But I haven't really commented on anyone else's blog lately, so I guess I can't complain.

I spent all night reviewing the parts of the cell in my sleep.  With clenched teeth, judging by the way my jaw feels this morning.  I really need to come up with a better studying mechanism.

I haven't updated my Project 365 blog in a while, but I have been taking pictures every day!  I should probably at least get the pictures on the computer at some point.

I wish I could remember all the hilarious things Ellie says each day, but when I sit down to blog my mind goes blank.

Or starts reviewing anatomical terms on autopilot.  I'm not sure which is worse.

She did write a book at school under a pen name.  When we asked her why, she said it's because "all the good authors have pen names."  Well, duh.

Anyone have any funny links?  It's been a crazy stressful week and I could use a good laugh.

Oh, wait, here's one! (Weird Al + Lady Gaga = pure gold)

Your turn!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Look, I'm (kind of) Famous!

When I wrote this post last month, Chris suggested I submit it to Feminist Mormon Housewives.  He usually has pretty good ideas, so I went ahead and did it.  I figured that, in light of all that's negative towards women in the world today, it's always nice to hear about programs that do good things for girls.

And I'm happy to report that this morning I am a guest poster on FMH!  You can click here to go directly to my post.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I Love My Brother

If you haven't read this post yet, this won't make sense.

Thanks, Robbie!

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I accidentally wrote the subject as "Ransom Thoughts Thursday".  If I had anything I could hold for ransom, and if I knew I'd be paid that ransom without any legal repercussions, I'd totally go for it.

For the last two or three days I've been reciting things like "cranial, cervical, scapular, axial, brachial, cubital, antebrachial, carpal, palmar, lumbar, sacral, inguinal, femoral, patellar, crural, tarsal, pedal" over and over and over.  It's helping.

I'm pretty sure at least two of my children hate me right now.  Boredom is ugly.

So is whining.

I don't know what to fix for dinner tonight.  I'm pretty sure I actually planned something and bought groceries for it, but I have no idea now what it was.

In my microbiology class on Monday we took samples from around campus and grew them in petri dishes.  Yesterday we looked at them.  Let me just say, I will never, ever shower at the aquatic center.  Ever.

I'm happy that Spring is finally here.

My kids are, apparently, starving.  I guess that means I need to go figure out dinner.

Your turn!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Second Time Around

When I was 18 years old and away at college for the first time, I had no other responsibilities.  I lived in a dorm room with five other girls.  My meals were prepared for me.  There was no grocery shopping to do, no family to look after.  I didn't even have a job.  All I needed to do was attend class and study, and yet somehow I still managed embarrassingly low grades.

Apparently 18-year-old me (and, let's be honest, 19- and 20-year-old me) and responsibility did not play well together.

Fast forward 15 years, and I'm the mother of three busy children with a house to maintain, meals to cook, Girl Scout troops to help run, a Sunday School class to teach, and places to go almost constantly.

When I decided to go back to school, I was excited, but I was also scared to death.  I knew what kind of student I had been when I had nothing else on my plate.  What kind of student would I be when I had so much on my plate already?

My first term I enrolled in a computer class that was a piece of cake, and a 5-credit Chemistry class that was not.  I watched the lectures, did the homework, paid attention in lab, and read the material.  But I desperately needed some sort of tangible indicator that I was going to be able to handle it all.

Because it was a hybrid class (half online, half face-to-face), all our scores were posted online.  When I pulled up my score for our first exam the Saturday morning after I took it, I burst into tears.  Not only had I somehow managed to score 103% on the exam, but I'd also achieved the highest grade in the class.

And I realized right then and there that it didn't matter what kind of student I'd been in the past.

What matters is only what kind of student I want to be now.

I can do this school thing.  It doesn't make any difference how busy I am, because I've decided to make it a priority in my life.  My house is showing signs of neglect, true, but so far my grades are not.  My whole family has been incredibly supportive.  Chris now does all the laundry, not because he wants to, and not even because he was afraid it wouldn't get done otherwise, but because he knows it's my least favorite household chore and he wanted to take over something that would be both helpful and meaningful.  He doesn't complain when schoolwork keeps me from spending more time with him in the evenings, or when he comes home to a house that looks like it was hit by a bomb.  The girls have been incredibly understanding when I've had to do schoolwork rather than play with them.  They don't even complain too much about me hogging the computer all the time.

I've managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, including last term when I was also up to my elbows in Girl Scout cookies.  This term I'm taking two very challenging classes, and I'm worried, but I also know that I've learned some things about myself and my habits, and I know what I need to do in order to be successful.

I'm proud that I'm able to set a good example for my girls.  By watching me work hard, they're learning to work hard, too.  And by sharing in the celebration when I get good grades, they're learning that hard work pays off.

Most importantly, they're learning that while there are second chances in life, it's much easier to not mess up your first chance.  I hope when they grow up and go away to college, they'll be able to learn from my experience and choose to be good students the first time around.

I didn't do that, so I'm grateful I get a second time around to make that choice!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

He is risen! He is risen!
Tell it out with joyful voice.
He has burst his three days’ prison;
Let the whole wide earth rejoice.
Death is conquered; man is free.
Christ has won the victory.

Come with high and holy hymning;
Chant our Lord’s triumphant lay.
Not one darksome cloud is dimming
Yonder glorious morning ray,
Breaking o’er the purple east,
Symbol of our Easter feast.

He is risen! He is risen!
He hath opened heaven’s gate.
We are free from sin’s dark prison,
Risen to a holier state.
And a brighter Easter beam
On our longing eyes shall stream.

                                                    -Cecil Francis Alexander

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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It's really weird to be going to classes on campus again during the day.  But I've discovered that lecture halls have a distinct smell.  It's been over 15 years since I've spent time in a lecture hall, and yet the smell is familiar, and slightly distressing.

I'm really going to enjoy my Microbiology class.  However, I will probably be an obsessive-compulsive germophobe by the end of it.

Spring Break is over.  We're still waiting for Spring, though.  Brrrr...

I am still taking pictures every day.  I just haven't had time to upload them and sort through them all.  I guess I need another, longer break from school.  When's summer again?

I've been wanting to get new Easter dresses for the girls, but haven't had time to shop for them.  Today a package came from my parents with new dresses for all three girls that will be perfect for Easter.  Excellent timing!

I've always thought that I would have been a Suffragette, if I had lived back then.  We owe a lot to those women.  Also, I kind of like Lady Gaga.  So this video is pretty much pure awesome:

Your turn!
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