Friday, April 20, 2012

From a Sparrow to a Star

Vicki's school participates in Sparrow Clubs.  Each year they sponsor a youth with a medical need, and for each hour of community service a student performs, $10 is donated to the youth's family.  It's a great way to help middle schoolers learn to see beyond themselves, and to understand the benefits of service.  Vicki and her friends have been very excited about sponsoring their Sparrow, a local high school senior named Felicia.

Most of the kids have never even met Felicia, but, after having been invested in her cause for the better part of a school year, they have grown to love her.  Which is why it was devastating for them to learn that this past weekend she was brought home from the hospital and placed under Hospice care.  And even more devastating to learn that early Thursday morning her battle with cancer finally came to an end.

It was a sad day for our entire community.  Her family is well known and loved, and so many people have come to know and love Felicia herself.  When Vicki arrived home from school with a heavy heart, I shared with her the tributes that people were posting on Facebook, including this one:

"When you look up at the night sky and see the newest, brightest, most sparkling star, you'll know it's Felicia."

At about 9:30 last night Vicki knocked on my bedroom door, asking me if I could come outside with her for a minute.  I couldn't imagine why a kid who should already be asleep in bed already would want to go outside on a chilly, rainy night until she quietly said, "Mom, I want to look at the stars."

So my daughter and I went outside and looked up at the sky for a few minutes to honor this beautiful brave girl who neither of us had even met, but who had deeply touched both our lives.

Through the clouds, only one star was visible, and it was sparkling brightly.


  1. Ummm....ok... I'm having a hard time seeing the computer screen through all the tears. That was beautiful. What an amazing experience for you to share together.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for such a sweet, touching story.

  3. So sad, but beautiful that she was so well loved. What an amazing experience for your girls. What a good momma you are.


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