Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

It's late. I should be in bed.

I recently found out that my friend's daughter is getting glasses. Her son has hearing aids. While I should be, and am, grateful that my children don't need any assistance like that, I'm also slightly jealous that her kids get these cool accessories. Is that wrong?

I just now found the papers I lost and had to reprint. But I swear they weren't there two hours ago when I needed them.

Why can't I find the image I want on the internet? I know it's there - my friend found it. She even gave me the link. But it doesn't work for me. Ladybug on a flower picture, where are you?

Grandma and Grandpa E. are coming tomorrow night. But shhhh...don't tell the girls.

Girl Scout camp is next weekend. I'm excited. Last year we spent a lot of time telling the girls to stop whining (they didn't listen). This year we got them all journals. So instead of telling them to stop, we're just going to tell them to go write in their journal whenever the complain to us. I bet it only takes once for most of them.

Lexi gets to come to camp this year. She's bouncing off the walls with excitement.

While we're at camp, Ellie and Chris are going to go to the zoo and "use our loud voices to tell the polar bears to get back in their cages." Okaaaaay...

I love The Office.

Being the grammar nerd that I am (was that phrase even grammatically correct? Oh, man), this made me laugh out loud when I heard it on the radio this evening.

And just to prove how big a grammar nerd I truly am, when she heard me cracking up at this essay, Vicki said, "Mom, you know not everyone thinks grammar jokes are a funny as you do, right?"

Okay, yeah, it's late. If I wait 20 more minutes, it won't even be Thursday anymore. Can't have that, can we?



  1. I didn't know you were a fan of The Office! I love that show. Just so you know Grandma and Grandpa E are very excited to see your girls -- as is Scotty. The rest of us are jealous.

  2. I can totally tell you are sleepy writing that. :) "Can't have that, can we?" I write my best stuff way after bedtime too.

  3. The whole "write in their journal instead of complaining thing" is great. I know a lot of teachers who use that tactic at school. I just wish first graders could write on their own. If I tried this in my class I know I would be showered with "Teacher, how do you spell "mean"? or "How do you spell 'She says I can't be her friend'?"

  4. Love the whining journal idea. I hope it works!


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