Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I love my visitor tracking thingy (thanks for the idea, Carrie!) Since I installed it I've discovered that someone in Germany occasionally visits, as well as someone in England (I think I might know who you are!) an someone in India stopped by once. I do not, as far as I know, know anyone in India or Germany, so I'm fascinated by this. I *heart* blog attention :)

Awesome bumper sticker of the week: Republicans for Voldemort.

Vicki wore a tie to school yesterday. I have no idea why.

We had three days of beautiful summer-like weather. I miss it.

Ellie told me the most awesome story today about how she and her friend Katiebug (never just Katie) threw a surprise party for Jesus's birthday, and he came down and they jumped out and yelled "surprise!" and (here I quote) "Jesus was like, 'Oh, wow, I'm so happy!'"

My new cleaning strategy seems to be working out so far. The house looks much better in general. I like it. Now if the kids would follow suit...

I'm having a hard time with Easter this year. I really want the girls to understand that it's about the resurrection of the Savior and not about pink bunnies and chocolate eggs. But I also think Easter baskets and the Easter Bunny are fun traditions that I don't really want to let go of. Trying to find a good middle ground is a struggle.

Lexi wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny detailing her desires for her basket. See what I mean?

However, I'm teaching the children's Sharing Time at church on Sunday, so at least I can try to have some influence there. In other words, maybe it will sink in better at church than it seems to at home.

Why can't the clothes just wash themselves?

Why does the little girl I babysit insist on coloring on every surface that isn't paper?

So far, no more strep. It will be another day or two before I declare us officially out of the woods, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and so far Ellie and Chris both seem fine.

In light of my earlier thought, it's probably sinful how much I love (and hoard) Cadbury Eggs. The Easter Bunny is bringing me my own 4-pack. Oops, better not let the girls read this post!


  1. Hahah nice post as usual. Not that I'm a Republican, but democrat Mormons still baffle me. Maybe I should re-read Chris's blog.

    Let me know of this new cleaning method- I'm always in need of help.

    Also, I did read I think in the last Ensign an idea of putting church "toys" song books, colored marking pencils, ect in easter baskets- but you probably have all that stuff so do a post if you find any better ideas for a Christ-centered Easter.

  2. Mmmm Cadbury cream eggs. Zack and I love the mini ones and we actually found some around here this year! I think we spent a fair amount of time scouring the Tube in London looking for a vending machine that sold those things and then were constantly disappointed when the machine was out. Tragic.

  3. Carrie, you should know better than to get your hopes up when Tube stop vending machines are involved!

  4. The bumper sticker made me laugh out loud. So funny! It seems to me that Ellie has a very close relationship with Jesus, which is a very good thing. So cute!!

  5. I have sharing time on Sunday too! Any good ideas? Not that I ever wait until Saturday to to plan...:)

  6. You actually bought the candy in the Tube vending machines??? It explains so very much. j/k

    I don't remember you explaining your new cleaning regimen and I'm interested.

  7. I know, I know. Tube vending machines are a bad thing, but we were enticed by the promise of chocolately goodness!

    And Republicans for Voldemort, eh? I'm intrigued by the comparison. Care to shed some light?

  8. Two things:

    1. The new cleaning strategy was mentioned in last week's Random post. It pretty much amounts to taking the extra minute to put stuff where it actually goes (no moving messes!) and never leaving a room empty-handed. This means that I get rid of the clutter that makes things look more messy than they really are, and which causes my mind to seize up in agony at the thought of the "mess".

    2. I'm not actually sure what the Republicans for Voldemort sticker means, I just thought it was funny. End of story. I happen to know and love many Republicans, and therefore do not believe that they all would vote for Voldemort. It just made me laugh.

  9. Oh Allie you are not taking advantage of so many opportunities by explaining the Republicans for Voldemort sticker! Although, I understand your logic.

  10. I just wanted to say kudos to you for getting the quote right on my blog. And an extra 10 points to knowing what song it was from. And then 10 more for knowing that it was written for his son Sean. You are AWESOME!! I never knew you were a John Lennon fan. I knew you were a kindred spirit.

  11. Hi Allison! I found you. check out my blog at


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