Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Only Love is Spoken Here

Last night the second and third grade classes at the girls' school had their annual music program. The school has really been focusing on respect, and trying to teach the kids what respect means. They teach "the three R's", which are Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for Learning. So it was really appropriate that the music teacher go a new route this year and present a program titled "Only Love is Spoken Here". It was quite possibly the best music program we've been to at this school since Vicki started.

She even taught the kids sign language for a lot of the songs. Here they are signing the word "love":
I couldn't get a picture of my favorite sign, which was "cheer" - big smiles and arms waving in the air :)

There were about 20 speaking parts, and Vicki was chosen for one of them. I can't remember what she said, unfortunately, but she did a great job!
And I let her wear her Easter dress, which is a big deal, because normally we buy them and then I hide them away in my closet where the girls won't be tempted to wear them and ruin them before Easter.

It was a blast to watch Vicki sing because she got really into the music and was dancing in place and grinning so big I thought her face would split in two. It's really too bad that it's hard to take a decent picture in the school gym, because it was so much fun - one of those times I wish we had a video camera!

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  1. What I fun thing for Vicki to do - and what a great theme. I like her Easter dress as well.


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