Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm not a terrible person!

I've been suffering angst ever since I posted last night. So even though chances are no one else has thought twice about this, I have to say it anyway.

I Do NOT wish that my kids had vision or hearing difficulties. I am extremely grateful that they are all healthy and whole. We are incredibly blessed. As terrible as my vision is (and don't get me started on my mother's vision - love you, Mom!), it's actually something of a miracle that my kids can see at all!

Nor do I think of glasses or hearing aids as something to accessorize with (although they're getting much better at making glasses and hearing aids that look more like accessories and less like medical devices - our friend's hearing aids are red, white, and blue.)

I just happen to think that my friend's son looks adorable with his hearing aids, and that little kids in glasses are really cute. My kids are stinking cute already, but there's no such thing as cute enough.

I think I feel better now. Thanks for listening :)


  1. Nope! Hadn't thought twice about it. You are fine.

  2. I didn't think twice about it either. I actually thought that you were just being grateful for the health of your children, not rude. No worries!


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