Monday, April 27, 2009

Girl Scout campfire songs

I'll do a big camp post tomorrow - we had a blast - but I can't resist sharing these videos now. Vicki's troop won the prize (if there had been one) this year for the best campfire song...or at least the most interactive one. Vicki is the 6th from the left, in the pink coat.

Lexi's troop did a song, too, but my friend's camera batteries died about 8 seconds in, so there's not much to the video, and it's horrible quality, but I'm all about equality, so I'm putting it on here anyway. You probably can't even tell what they're saying, but the song is a humorous recounting of a shark attack. Lexi is in the middle, in the blue coat.


  1. That looks so fun for those girls. I'm glad you we're able to go with them. I want to hear all the stories.

  2. I love girls camp songs! I guess that is why I was a camp councilor!

  3. So fun! It makes me want to go to girls camp. Love it!!


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