Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Both Angie and Carrie posted this on their blogs and I’ve been giggling about it for days – “slo-mo dove”, “spin around, ninjas!” and “over-surprised guy” (and, of course, “mullet with headlights?”) continue to bring me near tears. The 80’s were awesome and I need to share the love. You really must go watch it now. Right now. I'll wait... Oh, the laughter, the tears. And that video was supposed to make sense with the original lyrics? I get the "bright eyes", but really? Ooookaaay. (this really probably should have been its own post, but it's Thursday, so what do you do)

I still haven’t come up with a really good camp name.

I have reached a point in my Portland life where I feel guilty buying anything pre-packaged (which I don’t do that often anyway) and anything not organic or with more than five ingredients. This is not to say that I don’t buy those things anymore, just that I try to hide them when I do.

Our library has an awesome summer reading program. The girls are always totally gung-ho for it. Free T-shirts for everyone, woohoo!

We got Vicki & Lexi’s incomprehensible report cards in the mail on Tuesday. I miss the good old A-B-C-D-F system. At least then you know where they stood. We have letters, but they’re E, M, CM, N, NM and then funky symbols like \, +, --, V. It’s so confusing.

We also got the official school uniform (sorry, Code of Dress) information. I cannot wait. I’m probably putting too much into this, as if all my problems will suddenly disappear when the girls are wearing uniforms to school. But a lot of them will, since half our battles are about what they get to wear to school each day. No more!

Ellie can’t say “able”. She says, “ableble” and I love it.

I can’t believe I will have a 4th grader in September.

When Chris goes to CA on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, I’ve discovered that it throws my whole week off. All day Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday. Today I keep thinking tomorrow will be Saturday. This is not good.

I had jury duty on Monday. This was the third time I’ve been summoned (I like how that sounds – official and slightly scary), and the other two times I was selected to serve. What are the odds? When they got around to calling names for the first trial on Monday, whose do you suppose was first? Yep, mine. Luckily I didn’t end up being selected. I say luckily because, while I’m all for doing my civic duty, I think that having served twice in 12 years is enough for one person. Give me another 10 years and I’ll be good to go again.

In 22 days I will go on vacation without kids for a whole week! But, really, who’s counting?


  1. While I don't worry about the number of ingredients things have I have an issue with food in a box or a can. Food does not come in a box! While I get canned vegetables for food storage, I don't like anything that claims to bee a meal poured out of a can.

    (When I posted yesterday that our trip was in 23 days, it made me realize that I only have that amount of time before my house needs to be presentable for my mother in law to stay here for a week. AAAuugghh!!)

  2. That video was so hilarious!! I was dying laughing. I had to show it to Jared and we were crying. Love it! Thanks for posting it.

    Oh, and I thought of a name. You could go with Allie Cat, or Allie Baba? Just thought I'd give it another go.

  3. My camp name is MoonBeam. Do not attempt to steal it! :) Jury duty always makes me want to watch The Runaway Jury..Gene Hackman is still hot:)


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