Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I got my wagon. This is what we looked like on our way to pick up the girls from school.
Cute, no?

Now that my own kids are pretty much consistently going all night long without waking me up for anything, and it's warm enough to leave the windows open all night long, it would figure that the neighbors' baby wakes me up. Every. single. night. Why???

One of Ellie's sippy cups is missing - has been for about a week now. It's the one we usually put milk in. At first I was eager to find it. Now I'm just scared.

I have a mystery reader in Australia. To my knowledge, I don't know anyone there. I think my "readers" in Korea and India were just flukes, because they don't seem to have been back, but my Australian friend keeps visiting. I love it - it makes me feel that much cooler. G'day, Australian reader! *waving*

I just finished watching the finished product of the DVD slideshow we made for Vicki's Brownie troop. And I cried like a baby because these little girls we started working with in 1st grade are growing up. I'm such a sap.

I said to Ellie, "What are you eating?" and she looked at me, sporting a lovely brown mustache and goatee, and replied, "Chocolate milk powder!" With a spoon. Ick.

My crazy week is almost over. Now if stuff wouldn't keep popping up for next week...


  1. That kids in the wagon are adorable. And I wish I were as cool as you to have an Australian admirer.

  2. I think it is extremely unfair that your neighbors' baby is waking you up. As you know sleeping through the night is an important issue for me.

    I miss you BTW.

  3. Hey Allison,
    I am trying to find you on Goodreads, but I'm having trouble. The Allison I found with your last name isn't reading any books, never has, and doesn't plan to. Pretty sure that is not you. Could you look me up and and try to add me? (Unless you don't want to - frownsmile)

  4. Danielle, just click on the Goodreads logo under my bookshelf thing on the left-hand side of the blog. That should take you right to my profile, and then you can add me as a friend from there. I'm just Allison, no last name, on there.


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