Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm so busy, my head is spinning

I was going to do this whole post about how my life is so much busier than yours, but it felt too much like something TAMN would write, and I strive very hard to be as un-TAMN-like as I possibly can. So I decided not to write it.

Then I changed my mind, because the subtitle of this blog is "Life with three little girls", and I'm only this busy because of these three cute girls, so now I can feel justified in telling you just how crazy things are around here.

Here's our week:

Monday: field trips for Vicki - to Cannon Beach to look at tide pools - and Lexi - to the zoo. Ellie and I went along with Lexi. After returning from the beach, Vicki had talent show practice. Chris is working late.

Tuesday: Vicki is in the talent show at school, which is being put on in the morning during school. Ellie and I will be attending, along with Violet, one of the little girls I babysit. When that's over we will go to the grocery store. In the evening is the "real" talent show.

Wednesday: there is no school (this doesn't help). Ellie has dance class in the morning. Lexi and I are walking in the Junior Rose Parade (part of the Portland Rose Festival) with her Brownie troop, and Vicki and Ellie may join us if my friend decides not to go and watch. In the evening we have to sign up for summer swimming lessons and Chris needs to be at the church for the youth activity. Vicki's church activity was canceled this week.

Thursday: I babysit two little girls all day. It's M&M Field Day at school, so the girls will run around and do lots of field day-type stuff, and earn M&M's (I'm not entirely sure this is the best way to promote physical fitness, but hey, whatever works.) I will spend the day baking brownies for Vicki's bridging ceremony on Friday. The after school program has ended, so Vicki and Lexi can't stay after school and come home with Violet's mom when she picks her up, meaning I will get to haul three little girls down to the school and bring three more home with me. Lexi has gymnastics in the evening, in Vancouver.

Friday: my only non-babysitting day. I will spend this day getting ready for the bridging ceremony for Vicki's Brownie troop, who will then become Juniors. This will involve driving to the Girl Scout store to buy new uniforms, to the church to pick up the bridge, to the grocery store to buy ice cream and Junior mints (we're so symbolic), and to the school to drop off the bridge and set up chairs and a TV for the DVD slide show we made. The bridging is that evening.

Saturday: collapse.

See? I'm way busier than you. Then there's only one week of school left. Then our summer will be filled with swimming lessons, Girl Scout day camp (for which I have just signed on as a volunteer, meaning even Ellie gets to go), vacation with the in-laws (and no kids - woohoo! Oh, I mean, gosh, I'll miss them, too bad Grandma & Grandpa E. said no kids allowed, poor Grandma Y., having to watch them for a week, what a hardship for her), Girl Scout resident camp for Vicki, more swimming lessons for everyone, a visit from Pam & John (and I'll finally get to meet Keira!), and then school starts again. I have no idea how my mother managed with four kids, especially considering the 12-year span we covered.

But it's fun. It is. I wouldn't trade it. I can do this. I really can. Right?


  1. One word. Caffeine. (I would say drugs but the word of wisedom ruins everything!) I dont know how you moms do it. I got exhausted just reading the list of what you have to do!

  2. Yeah, your life is busier than mine. :) Good luck with all that!

  3. Reading this is like watching John and Kate Plus 8 (minus all the marital drama on grocery store magazine covers.) You make my life feel very easy. Which is convenient because I was feeling quite busy myself before I read this.

  4. Whew, you are busier than me. Course my kids aren't in school yet. And we've been too poor to sign them up for lessons of any sort. I actually wish I were busy. Not quite as busy as that. But I just want stuff to do. Give me a few months and I'll be singing a different tune.

  5. I think my life was busier than yours about a week ago, but thankfully it's not anymore. I love the end of the school year! Thanks for the mention in your post. We can't wait to meet your girls, either!


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