Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy and Cake

Ellie's dance recital was last night. It was possibly the cutest thing we've ever spent $40 to see (can you believe we had to pay $10 a ticket? This on top of the regular class fees plus the outrageous cost of the "fancy-fancy sparkly bluish-greenish tutu") Good thing I get paid to babysit!

There was no photography or filming of any kind allowed during the actual performance (they have it professionally recorded and you can buy the DVDs), but my wonderful friend with the YouTube account recorded the dress rehersal, so enjoy!

(Ellie is second from the left - the one with the very wide pliƩ)


  1. So cute! You gotta love the wide plies. :)
    I better not let Zack see this post or he'll be outraged on your behalf. "What? They charge you to go see your own kids perform? The class costs money, the outfits cost money, they charge you to see it and to top it off they don't let you video tape your own child but force you to buy their DVD?!" Yeah. It wouldn't be good.

  2. This was absolutely adorable! We would love to have been there. You know we love all your blog posts and pictures. Loved Vicki's piano recital--brave girl! So proud of her and all the girls. We're not biased at all. Hope this comment goes through--been having trouble. Sending lots of love...

    Grandma and Grandpa Y.

  3. I don't know who Carrie and Zack are but I am with him on being outraged at how much they are charging you to see your own kid perform. It is a good things she is so adorable!

  4. That. was. the most. ridiculously. adorable. thing.
    In the universe.


  5. Seriously, so stinking cute. I love it! Oh, I NEED to get Liza in a dance class. I think my favorite part was them pull each other off stage. Too cute!!!


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