Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday - Thanksgiving Edition

Today is Thanksgiving, so I will confine my Random Thoughts into one area (making them significantly non-random, but that's okay): things I'm thankful for.  Also, no linky this week.

Today I'm thankful for a loving Father in Heaven, a wonderful family, and good friends.

I'm thankful that I have enough food to eat and a warm, dry place to sleep.

I'm thankful for books to read, music to listen to, and how easy it is to communicate with loved ones far away.

I'm thankful for family traditions, which, since 2007, have included bowling on Thanksgiving day.

Lastly, I'm thankful for an awesome neighbor, who brought over an unexpected pumpkin pie this morning, saving me from cooking one more thing today.  You rock, Julia.

I hope everyone else has something to be thankful for today, too.  May your turkey be juicy, your potatoes fluffy, and your pie crust flaky and just the way you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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