Friday, November 5, 2010

I Have an Idea, and It Involves You

If you've read this blog for any period of time, you're familiar with my other blog, Project 365.

If you haven't and you're not, you should take a look.  Go ahead; I'll wait.

Are we all back now?  Alrighty...

Last year around this time Chris mentioned that, while browsing Flikr, he'd come across some groups of people who were taking a picture every day for a year and sharing them.  He thought it was a really cool idea, and since he knew I liked to take pictures, he thought I should give it a shot.

So I did.

And I almost gave up on the second day.

See, I decided to document all of 2010, but we were on vacation and January 2 was spent packing up so we could pull out and head home extremely early in the morning on the 3rd.  It wasn't until we crawled into bed close to 11:00 on the 2nd that I remembered I hadn't taken any pictures that day, because nothing interesting had happened.  I almost just threw the towel in right then and there (we were sleeping in the basement of my in-laws' house in Utah, and it was COLD!)  But Chris knew I'd regret it if I did, so he convinced me to get out of bed.  I figured if I was already out of bed, I might as well go outside, which is why my picture for Day 2 is this one.

Today is Day 309 and I've only missed three (assuming I take any pictures today, since I haven't yet.  But I will, dang it!  I will!)

But I'm not writing all this to brag about it.

I've noticed that people actually seem to think this is a really cool idea.  It's fun to document a year in this way.  I take a LOT of pictures, and I don't always post the one that tells the most about my day, but I will always be able to look back at this project and see what was going on in my world on any given day of the year.  And I think my photography skills have improved considerably, at least as far as composition is concerned.  (Although I still maintain that if I had a nicer camera, my photography skills would be nicer, too.)

So I'm proposing an idea, just to get a feel for it and see how many people would be willing to participate.

I want you to join me.

Yes, you.

I'm planning on continuing the project for another year (because I'm determined not to miss any days this time), and I'd love to have some company!  I thought I'd plant the idea now so you can be thinking about it for a while.  If there's enough interest, I'll organize some sort of "Project 365 Central", so that everyone participating can enjoy everyone else's pictures, too.  Of course, your project doesn't have to start on Jan. 1, but it's a good, easy date to remember.  I have a friend who started on her 33rd birthday and is documenting a year from there, and another friend, a teacher, who is documenting a school year.  Whatever works for you is great.  But I'll be starting over on Jan. 1, 2011, and I invite anyone who is interested to join me!

Think about it.  Let me know.  Have your people call my people; we'll do lunch.  Or something.


  1. I'll join you! I'd love to do it in 2011 - I am quite confident I'll miss more than 3 days however. How exciting...

  2. Count me in! My camera is broken and I only have my cell phone right now, but it'll do. :)

  3. It is addictive, and I think I will be joining in for 2011(two blogs for a little while- that could be interesting)

  4. Allie, you know me. You know if I tell you that I will do something, come hell or high water I will do it. So I (being a typical Ebert) will need to think about it.


    But I love that you do it and love checking the blog. I just know that the recipe a week goal that I've had has been hard some weeks. (Like this one.)

  5. I'll join you. It should be fun. I love looking at your pictures.

  6. My sister Tammi told me about this, its a great idea. It sounds like fun ill try it!!

  7. Yay everyone!

    Okay, I'm rolling some ideas around in my head about how to organize this so we can look at each others' pictures (because that's the kind of snoopy person I am), so I'll let you all know, probably in another post, when I have things figured out.

    This is exciting!


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