Friday, November 19, 2010


As a side note, I realized yesterday that I have cleaned out under the oven once, 3 years ago, when we put in our new floor.  So I'm not a total slacker.

Here is what I found yesterday while cleaning out underneath the oven:

A lot of nasty dust bunnies
1 ballpoint pen
7 Legos
1 spoon
4 refrigerator magnets
6 cookie cutters
2 combs
1 package of dental floss
7 sheets of paper, some with artwork
3 ponytail holders
1 ant trap
2 rockos (as opposed to ordinary rocks)
15 toothpicks
1 crayon
1 M&M
assorted Cheerios, pretzels, and goldfish crackers
and one dime.

At least I got paid.


  1. wow...just wow. I'm afraid to see what's under mine.

  2. Are you going to use the dental floss or throw it away?

  3. Ooo, good question, Reb. I want to know that, too.

  4. Am I too late to dibs the floss?

  5. Dang, if I'd known there would be such interest in the dental floss, I wouldn't have thrown it away. But, then again, it was that nasty kids' bubblegum flavor, so I may have thrown it away anyway.

    And I was as shocked as you, Adrie, that there was only one M&M. Of course, chocolate is too precious a commodity in this house to allow it to fall to the floor, much less disappear underneath the oven.


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