Monday, November 22, 2010

Shameless Promotion

Shutterfly has a fabulous deal going on right now: 50 free cards for bloggers!

So, because I slightly overspent in one area of our Christmas budget (although the result will be awesome fun for our family), and am trying to make up for it in all other areas, I would love to get some fabulous-looking Christmas cards without having to pay for them!  I'm all over this offer.  Please bear with me while I tell you what, exactly, I like about Shutterfly's cards.

Last year we took our own Christmas pictures and had some cards made up quickly and cheaply at a local discount store.  They were nice enough, but after looking over the options available at Shutterfly, I'm really excited to give them a try.  While they do offer the typical photo greeting cards, they also have a selection of folded or flat stationery cards, which are printed on high-quality cardstock and therefore look more professional to me.  I'm excited to try these out.  With options for up to 6 photos, my biggest problem is that I don't actually have one decent picture of our whole family yet this year, let alone six.  I'm going to do some playing around with the camera in the next several days and see what I can come up with.  Hopefully I'll get some good shots in time to get cards out before Christmas!  If not, by New Year's, at least.  New Year's cards are good, too, right?

If you'd like a Holiday (covering all my bases) card from our family, send me an email (click the "contact" tab above) with your address and I'll try to get one to you.  Remember, though, I'll only have 50!  First-come, first-served, people!

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