Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Sometimes I feel like a complete and total nerd because I take every single note the girls bring home from school and edit them for grammar. Yes, it's that bad. At least I don't send them back corrected. That would be going too far.

I think from now on I'll have to wish Chris "Happy Falker Satherhood" on Father's Day. It has a nice ring to it. "It's like a word journey..."

Why do my children find it so difficult to flush the toilet?

I think I may be developing blogger-brain-block. I just can't make this post as long as my normal RTT posts. Hmmm...

I was thinking this morning about nicknames. We're big on them around here. My family and some of my friends call me Allie. Short for Allison - makes total sense. Chris is of course short for Christopher. Vicki, Lexi, and Ellie are all short for Victoria, Alexis, and Elizabeth. We also call them Bugga, Lou-lou, and Magoo, which are just cute and have reasonable explanations (Vicki-bug, Lexi-lou, and Ellie Magoo.) My siblings all go by shortened forms of their names at various times. Most of the time people's nicknames make sense. But my BFF (I just wrote the term "BFF" and didn't even cringe - what is the world coming to?) Pamela calls me Ross. Maybe you've noticed it in comments from her and wondered, who is she talking to? Where did that nickname come from? Well, because this is Random Thoughts Thursday (and in honor of my blogger-brain-block), I want your random thoughts on where that particular nickname came from. I'll send you a candy bar if you come anywhere near the truth. I promise.



  1. Ah I love Happy Falker Satherhood.. As for Ross, were you in love with Ross Gellar from friends and hated Rachel for being able to be with him?

  2. HA!!! I know, I know, I know... I won't tell though because that would ruin the game for everyone. Anyway, I love that you called me your BFF! You are my BFFAEAEAE!
    I can't wait to hear more guesses!

  3. Ross huh? Oh geez, I have no idea. Is it cause you like the store? That's all I've got. I hope I'm right I could really use a candy bar.

  4. I'm hoping it has nothing to do with my dad seeing as Pam has never met him. Maybe Ross is short for "Rasta" and you were some sort of Buffalo Soldier in your earlier years?

  5. I've got it - you are an excellent seamstress and once made your own American flag! (Betsy Ross?)

  6. Maybe you were Rosyln (spell?) in a high school production of Shakespeare. I can see you doing that over in England.

  7. Happy Falker Satherhood to all father's out there! Ross...hmmm....boy band? really don't think it is Ross Geller, doesn't your friendship with Pam predate Friends? Honestly I have no idea, but I want to know in your next post.


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