Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I have an awesome family. I just have to state that right off the bat.

Somehow a few years ago a tradition was started, in which I get to enjoy breakfast in bed each Mother's Day. This year they served me a plateful of lemon pancakes with raspberry syrup and a baked egg with sausage. Mmmmmm...

As you can probably tell from the picture, I was also presented with a variety of cards and gifts, nearly all homemade. And an impromptu song, written especially for me by Ellie. It went something like this: "A-B-C Mom! La-la-la! D-E-F Mom! Ohhhhhh...A-B-C Mom! Ohhhhhh...I love you, Mama!"

Vicki gave me a coupon book which doesn't expire until 2020 and is entirely reusable. It includes things like "Mom! A once in a lifetime chance to have Vicki cook dinner for a week! (doesn't have to be a week straight)" and "Mom! One free dessert (with extra hugs)" I look forward to reusing those well into her teen years.

From Lexi was a Mother's Day cookbook, written and illustrated by her class at school. It includes the disclaimer Try recipes at your own risk!

(I promise to do a post tomorrow featuring more recipes from this truly priceless cookbook!)

Chris got me a subscription to Bookmarks, a book review magazine (he says he feels bad for me because I'm always reading the same books and the same authors over and over again) and a necklace. Neither has actually arrived yet, but that only means I have more to look forward to!

At church we heard some excellent talks on mothers, and the Primary kids sang two songs, one of which they also signed in ASL. Even Ellie knew the signs! After Sacrament Meeting each mother and potential mother was presented with the traditional plant.

Mine came with a pet:

To the girls' dismay he has moved on to more permanent quarters in the dirt somewhere behind our house. But we took plenty of pictures, so we can always remember him. Ellie named him Pulo; I have no idea why.

I hope the rest of you mothers had a great day, too!


  1. I love that your plant came with a pet. Good luck to Pulo and all his adventures. Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. I can't wait to hear of Vicki cooking with Lexi's cookbook accompanied by Ellie singing.

  3. What a fun Mother's Day! And a snail, too!

    Loved the cookbook idea! Precious.


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