Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday

Sleepovers are fun.

Although I'm not sure I can say, "Girls, settle down!" one more time with a straight face.

I watched TV while eating a bowl of ice cream (with chocolate sauce, of course!), but I didn't tell the kids. At least not about the ice cream - they could hear the TV. I just told them they had to stay upstairs (while not actually stated, upon pain of death was implied).

Does that make me mean?

I didn't hate driving to Vancouver tonight. This is progress. Slowly but surely.

I had three extra kids here today and I actually got a lot accomplished. And the house looks better than it did when we got up this morning. Nice.

I've been thinking about friends a lot lately. Carrie's awesome post re-lit the fire under this line of thinking. I've moved a lot, and I've been blessed to have friends in many places in the country, and the world. Along with that blessing, however, comes the sad fact that it's easy to lose touch. There are a lot of friends I miss, friends I haven't been in touch with for years, some for years and years. I have been able to re-connect with some of you, thanks in part to the beauty of the internet, but there are many I haven't found yet. If, by any chance, you are one of these friends (or even if you are a friend that's not "lost" - I'm not picky) and have somehow found my blog and are reading it, please come out of lurkdom and let me know! I promise I won't think you're weird, or that you're stalking me. Unless you are stalking me and I don't actually know you. Then I will think you're creepy ;)

Halloween is coming. This means there will finally be enough chocolate in my house! (for a few glorious days, at least)


  1. You should really think about joining Facebook. There are a lot of ACS people on there and it's fun to catch up and see what everyone is up to. You get daily updates and can see photos. It's really quite addictive! There's also a group on there for the ACS reunion that Marisa is trying to plan. Give it a try!
    BTW, love you! So glad we have managed to stay in touch!

  2. We need to get Amy to start a blog. I would love to see what is going on with her life.

  3. Your thoughts are great and I am impressed that you successfully were able to eat ice cream without your children knowing it. I don't think I have ever been that lucky. And no that doesn't make you a bad mom, it makes you a smart mom. (=

  4. I really think I might start copying your random thoughts - they are cool. I think telling kids to "Be quiet." Is a requirement of mothers when friends sleep over.


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