Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday

Maybe this will be a weekly thing. Maybe not. But it's nice to just think out loud sometimes.

It's a lot more fun to keep a house clean than it is to get it clean in the first place.

Naptime is good. Too bad no one told Ellie that.

Wait, I told Ellie that. Too bad she doesn't listen.

Colds are no fun.

I need to bake cookies again. It's been way too long.

I need a bigger car.

I need to be less focused on what I think I need and more focused on what I already have.

My family is awesome!

The combination of yoga and scriptures in the morning and counting to 10 several times a day seems to have had a good effect on me. I'm more in tune with "my core" and myself and less likely to get angry with my kids, because after 10 seconds it's easier to have a sense of humor.

My kitchen floor looks really good when it's clean.

It's not clean often enough.

My head hurts.

There's no school tomorrow. Maybe I can invent a fun way for the girls to clean their room. Or maybe I can threaten to withhold meals until they do it. Either way works for me.

I miss the sun.

IKEA alone could stimulate the economy. It's impossible to go in there and come out with only what you intended to buy. They do it on purpose.

I get to drive to Vancouver again. In the rain. Again.

Why don't my children like to wear clothes? What is wrong with pants?

There is still not enough chocolate in my house.


  1. Ok so I totally love your random thoughts. They make me laugh because it reminds me of how I think most everyday. (= I think you need to remedy the whole not enough Chocolate thing. Btw...totally impressed with you being able to wake up early enough to do yoga and read. I wish I had that dedication!

  2. I am impressed with the yoga scriptures combo as well. I'm sure my kids would appreciate it. If only they weren't up every half an hour during the night I might contemplate it.

  3. My baby is 3 and finally sleeps through the night! That's why I can finally do this. Your time will come, Em, I promise!

    And in case anyone wonders, I'm not reading the scriptures while doing yoga, although maybe that would take my awareness to a whole new level. I just alternate days right now, although if I finish the yoga and no one is making noise yet, sometimes I read for a while. It's very nice to be in the quiet. There is also not enough of that in my house!


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