Friday, February 1, 2008

Recent conversations at our house

Ellie and Chris reading Ellie's ABC book

Chris: Ellie, what letter is this? (points to W is for wolf)
Ellie: W, for wolf
C: And what letter is this? (points to X is in fox)
E: K, for orange wolf!

Ellie and Mom
E: Let's play duck goose!
M: Okay! (I sit down, expecting a two-man version of "duck, duck, goose")
E: You're the goose and I'm the duck.
M: Okay.
E: stares expectantly at me
M: Um...hi duck.
E: Hi goosey! (clearly pleased that Mom finally got it)

A phone call yesterday
Falsely cheerful woman: Hello! Is Vicki there?
Me: Um, no, she's at school...may I take a message?
FCW: Well, this is Susan from (whatever photography studio), and I'm just returning her call about wedding portrait packages.
M: Who did you say you were calling?
FCW: Vicki.
M: She's 7. I think you have the wrong number.
FCW, not so cheerful anymore: long pause...Um, yes, you're probably right.


  1. LOL...didn't know you had a soon to be bride at your house! And I love the conversations that make you smile regardless of the outcome. I think I prefer orange wolves to foxes. (=

  2. Um, yes, you're PROBABLY right. :)

  3. Are you SURE that Vicki didn't call about a wedding package?


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