Monday, January 28, 2008

You call that snow?

The girls got up on time this morning (no small accomplishment for a Monday), got dressed and ate breakfast, got their homework in their backpacks and were ready to go by 8:00, even though school doesn't start until 8:40. And then we all loaded into the car, drove to school, and learned that school had, in fact, been delayed by two hours. This is why:

I guess we need to get over the Utah mindset that it takes feet of snow, rather than millimeters, to disrupt normal activity. Having school delayed wasn't even any fun because there wasn't anywhere near enough snow to play in and we didn't find out about it until we were already at school (although apparently neither did any of the staff, bummer for them), so we didn't get to sleep in, either. Instead we went to the grocery store, since I decided I wasn't going to let it disrupt my day any more than it already had.

Crazy Oregonians, can't function if a single snowflake falls from the sky :)


  1. Lol! Seriously?
    We got the same storm you guys got just today. It left a bit more than a millimeter on the ground. You could have called it blizzard conditions. The only change at school?-Indoor recess while the storm was raging. I would have preferred a snow day.

  2. It has snowed almost every day here for the past few weeks and no school closing. It just doesn't scare anyone here in Chicago. I can't believe you got a delay for that amount of snow. Crazy!

  3. LOL...I loved that during High School. We had classes cancelled all the time because they were scared of the trace amount of snow on the ground. But I totally see how it could be annoying with younger kids. We had a white out today during school that lasted for about 2 hours and still nothing. I think Utahns are more crazy than Oregonians sometimes. (=

  4. We had church cancelled for that amount of snow. Everyone flocked to the Wal-Mart on Saturday to stock up for the two hours we would have to wait for the 1/4" of snow to melt.

  5. That is even less snow than I pictured when you told me about it.. WOW... I hate to say it but Oregonians really are wimps with the weather.

  6. You should see the snow we're getting now! All I ask is one snow day!


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