Sunday, January 27, 2008

You'd think we'd have learned by now...

Today was a typical lazy Sunday afternoon. Ellie asked to have a bath, so I put her in and then, figuring she'd be fine if I just checked on her every couple of minutes, I went into the playroom to work on the computer. I checked on her a couple of times and then became engrossed in what I was doing. Here's what I discovered the next time I checked:

No, the bubbles were not there when I left her. That red bottle floating next to her? Shampoo. Now empty. When she saw me, Ellie announced excitedly, "Look, Mama, I got bubbles!" All I could do was laugh (and take a picture).

So after I washed all the shampoo off of her and got her dried off and dressed, I asked Chris if he would fix her a sandwich so I could finish up what I was doing on the computer. 15 minutes later she wandered into the playroom and said, "Look, Mama, I'm painting!"

Chris fixed her the sandwich, but then he came back upstairs, leaving her downstairs all alone, except for Lexi's watercolors, which were conveniently left out on the table right next to Ellie's place.

The moral of the story: never leave a 2-year-old alone.
The REAL moral of the story: it takes your third 2-year-old to teach you this.

Tonight's score: Mom & Dad: 0, Ellie: 2


  1. LOL....I have seen this so many times with my own kids. You would think after the third you would catch on, but I am still finding Maren doing things she shouldn't and she is 3! But at least it makes for some great stories.

  2. That's pretty adorable. You go, Ellie! Keep those parents on their toes! (I have to admit that I used to use shampoo as bubble bath in my younger years...)

  3. My favorite part is she got into the paints after the bath! I think she scores an extra point for that!


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