Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Start the car!!!

I've never seen this on TV, but then I don't watch much TV. However, being the IKEA nut that I am, I found it especially hilarious.

(I have never posted YouTube directly on here before, I have no idea if it worked. If not, try this link. Well worth it!)


  1. I hate to admit that I've seen that commercial more than once in the past week or so. Being sick kind of chains me to the T.V.
    I do have to admit that when I saw it I thought of you!

  2. We went to Ikea back in December and bought a ton of stuff. When I got the receipt, I actually did a double take! So cheap! I mean we bought new wall sconces, plastic containers, a glass shelf, wrapping paper and more...even a stainless steel toilet seat (only at Ikea) all for under 90 bucks! Awesome!


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