Saturday, January 12, 2008

Attention dieters everywhere!

Yep, it's that time of year again! Cookies sales begin today in our council, which means that I will eat, sleep, and breathe Girl Scout cookies until the middle of March. Being a Brownie troop leader means that we get to have boxes and cases of cookies piled up in our living room awaiting distrubution - and tempting us incessently to buy just one more box. I swear I can hear them calling me at night. Those Thin Mints are relentless.
If you're interested in paying the shipping costs (we waive those for grandparents, by the way), we'd be more than happy to sell you some :) Otherwise, you can always check this website to find out when they go on sale in your area. All the money raised benefits the local council, and 60 cents from every box stays with the troop that sells them to you! Support your local Girl Scouts today!

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  1. I love those Thanks A Lots or whatever they are called. The ones that say "thank you" in several languages. I ate boxes and boxes of those when I was pregnant! SO GOOD! I'm sure I will get hit up for several boxes from students. If I say "yes"to one, I have to say "yes" to all. Being a teacher can get so expensive!


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