Wednesday, February 27, 2008

See, I'm not going crazy!

Remember the pony? The one just walking down the street? (and no, that's not a picture of it - you can find anything on the internet!) Well, I saw it again, and this time the girls were there to verify, and we even got to pet it! We were walking home from school when a large (as in large for an animal you'd typically expect to see out and about in the neighborhood), black, furry thing went running across the street about 10 yards ahead of us, followed by a lady holding a rope and a fistful of grass. The girls freaked out. Ellie yelled, "It's the baby horsey, Mommy!" Vicki shouted, "Look Mom, it's your pony!" And Lexi just screamed and hid behind me until she'd figured out what it was. We tried to help head it off, without much success - you could almost see the pony thinking, why go home when I've got all this yummy grass and open space to explore?

To make things even more interesting, when the lady finally caught the pony, whose name is Buttons, Lexi asked her, "Is this Sonja's pony?" (remember Sonja, who says there are vampires?) Turns out it is. So now Lexi claims she will DIE if she doesn't have a playdate with Sonja. Although I'm guessing it's not so much Sonja as Buttons that she wants to have a playdate with.

But I'm not going crazy!


  1. Way funny! The hair is great on that horse an for some reason I can see why buttons is a perfect name. (=

  2. I remember wanting to play with friends just to play with there stuff, but a pony???


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