Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Program

Last night was the 2nd/3rd grade music program at the school (Lexi's was in December, but sadly we didn't have the camera that night). The theme was "Children all over the world", and they sang songs from different countries. It was a typical elementary school program, meaning while most kids sang, some stared into space, and as the kids were filing onto the stage, people were purposely stepping on each others' toes, that kind of thing. But it was really cute. Vicki loves to sing, so we've been hearing the songs for weeks all around the house, but it's always great to hear them with all the other kids singing, too.

Our school has a large multicultural population, so it was especially fun to see kids singing songs from their home countries. In Vicki's class there are kids from several different Asian countries, a couple of kids from Russia, and some Hispanic kids. In fact, white kids are probably the minority in her class. It's great.

Vicki had a speaking part, introducing a song from Africa. She had only been assigned it that morning and forgot to tell us, so we didn't have the camera ready, but (fortunately?) people were still applauding the previous song when she did it, so the music teacher had her say it over again so people could hear her. And we had time to turn the camera on and get a quick shot of her!

She did great!


  1. She looks so cute! Don't you love those programs. They are so entertaining to watch.

  2. As a music teacher, it's nice to hear that the parents really appreciate these programs! You must have one brave music teacher to let the kids have speaking parts! Vicki looks so pretty in her dress and tights.

  3. Vicki is so fun! I can tell she has a lot of self confidence - what a blessing for her!


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