Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recommended For...Someone

We love around our house.  Especially at Christmas time.  The more shopping I can do without actually leaving my house the better.

If you are a user of amazon, you're probably familiar with how they keep track of your purchases and then give you recommendations based on those.  However, because most of my purchases this time of year are for people other than myself, the recommendations aren't always things I, personally, would be interested in.

Today, for example, I logged on and found that amazon was suggesting I purchase the following four items:

Lego Road Construction Set.  This item makes sense because Santa brings us a new Lego set every year.  And it's actually pretty cool and something the girls would probably enjoy.

Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry and Tales (Library of America).  I also understand where this one came from.  Chris has become obsessed with this publishing company and his fondest dream may possibly be to one day own every volume.  I bought him a volume of Mark Twain's writings for Christmas, but he'd love the Poe.

Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids By Keeping Your Cool.  I'm a little worried about this one.  Why does amazon think I need to learn the art of Screamfree Parenting?  I haven't purchased a parenting book from them (or reviewed one) in at least five years.  It sounds like a good idea, but this recommendation is actually kinda freaking me out, Big Brother style.

Radio Control Giant Tarantula.  I have absolutely no idea where they got the idea that I'd ever, in a million years, want one of these.

But if I had one, I could see where the Screamfree Parenting could come in handy.


  1. I didn't know that being a screamfree parent was an art. I find the heavy handed discipline more of an artform, to be frank:) I think whoever does the reccomends (because surely it is a person, and not a simple computer app that tracks your purchases) must be tossing back a little too much of the left over egg nog:)

  2. I spy with my little eye…a typo!

  3. No you don't! There's no typo. I, the grammar nerd, would never have typos in my posts! You can't prove anything!

  4. Tell Chris to check out if he likes the finest quality leatherbound books. I'm collecting some of them, but only like-new used that I pick up second-hand at the used bookstore or on ebay. However, I've decided to be more picky about which ones I buy after reading and not liking one of them. No sense in paying extra for a book I probably won't reread.

    Maybe I should pick up Scream Free Parenting for my wife (j/k).

  5. I want a robot trantula! The potential is just amazing.


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