Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I love Christmas music.

I wish I knew where the socks were disappearing to.  My box of mismatched socks is overflowing.

Today would be a good day for cocoa and a good chick flick.  Baby, it's cold outside.

What?  Only one more episode of Glee?  What will I do while I fold laundry on Wednesday nights?

Apparently Belle the Disney Princess is all-powerful.  At least that's what Ellie says.  Sort of like Superman in a ball gown, I guess.

I just bought a new Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas CD.  And another generic Christmas CD.  Walmart has won another sucker.

I think I have two more Christmas presents to buy and I'm DONE!!!  (thank you!  One stop shopping indeed.)

Why do kids love hot dogs so much?

I remember when I was a kid and Christmas seemed SO FAR away.  And birthdays.  Now I feel like the time goes so fast, but I'm glad I have my kids to help remind me that it's not that way for everyone.

Why won't the house stay clean?

It's a bit belated, but if you haven't read the infamous Thanksgiving Letter on Awkward Family Photos, you really must.  I'm so glad no one in my family is like this.


  1. My SIL has a theory that socks go to Narnia. I don't have the right kind of wardrobe to go through and find out if that's correct.

  2. If you have a top loader washng machine, the socks are rising to the top and going between the plastic basket thing and metal side. If you have a front loader they tend to get wedged almost in the gutter of the door. (some kind of physics thing that I didn't pay attention to.)
    I know, no magic there, but mybe ask yourself, why only socks- why not other small items.

  3. It does seem like time is going faster. I can't believe it's Christmas again. We've been gone for a year! CRAZY!!

  4. I don't understand the hot dogs either, but it is about the only protein consumed by the 12 and under set in our house. Ugh!


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