Monday, October 26, 2009

Woe is me

Well, our battle with swine flu isn’t over yet. This time it’s me. I’ve been fighting what I hoped was just a really bad cold for a few days, but yesterday I was hit by the stampeding pigs. And knocked completely flat. And the worst part was that Chris was in CA all day for Walnut Village’s open house-meet & greet-schmooze-event. So it was just my miserable tissue-clutching self and the girls.  For the whole day.

And they were awesome. They fed themselves, entertained themselves, colored me pictures, and stayed out of my way all day long. I never once had to get after them for anything, and when I asked them to pick up after themselves, they did it without complaining. Maybe I should be sick all the time.

Ellie was my own personal nurse. Apparently she watched me closely the whole time her sisters were sick, and acted accordingly. She made sure I had plenty of fluids (“Okay, Mom, after you finish your juice, then you need to drink some water, because water is good for you”), a comfy place to chill (“Here, Mommy, let me fluff your pillows”), and a teddy bear, which I was required to carry with me everywhere I went.

Today Chris went to work late and came home early so I wouldn’t have to leave the house to get the girls to or from school. Isn’t he wonderful? He has to go to CA again tomorrow, so he’s doing what he can for me tonight to make up for it. Not that I’m taking advantage or anything ;)

I do not recommend H1N1. Not that anyone has much control over it – you’ll either get it or you won’t – but I highly recommend doing all that’s possible to avoid it. Get your shots, cover your cough, wash your hands, all that good stuff.

And you should probably stay away from my house for a while. We’ve going a little over a week between cases thus far, so who knows how long this will last. But right now I’m going to go curl up in bed with lots of blankets and a good book. Vicki’s book order arrived today, so I now have the rest of the Percy Jackson series. That should get me through tomorrow, I think.

Stay healthy, people.


  1. poor thing. I just have the regular flu and no children and I have made Danielle cater to me! I don't know how you do it!! You have my permission to watch some guilty pleasure movies (umm..Twilight!) tommorow and never change out of your pjs!!

  2. Awwww, I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you get better soon and that this is one of those quick flu cases. Ches had SO many students out with the flu. Some were quarantined for 9 days, some were out for 1 or 2 days. Everyone was different. No matter what, it sucks. Get well!!!

  3. Awwww. That stinks. But I'm glad you have such good caretakers. And I'm also glad to see that other 30-somethings are reading the Percy Jackson series. Your excuse: You have kids. My excuse: I work down the hall from an elementary school library.

  4. I am glad your girls and Chris are taking care of you!

  5. Aww yuck! I'm so sorry. Get better soon. And I am so jealous of your little helpers. I'm pretty sure my kids wouldn't be as nice to me. You are one lucky mom. But still, not fun to be sick. GET BETTER SOON!!

  6. Hope you guys get better soon. I'm glad your girls took such good care of you.


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