Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I would like to know what was going through the head of the woman in the tiny little BMW who followed me through the Costco parking lot and then sat, with her impatient left turn signal on, and waited while I loaded a month’s worth of super-sized containers and two small children into my car. Did she really think I’d only be a minute? My spot wasn’t even that close to the store. But that silent little turn signal continued to flash louder and louder until I could hardly stand it. So, petty woman that I am, when I had the kids in the car I walked my shopping cart all the way down to the corral instead of leaving it at the top of the parking spot where I found it, just to make her wait a few more seconds. Hey, you follow a mom with a full shopping cart and two kids in tow through the Costco parking lot and you’re asking for it.

We took the 36lb box of pears out of the fridge this morning (there’s a lot more room in there now!) and will get to spend the weekend making yummy things like pear butter and pear salsa. Maybe even some pear sauce if there’s enough. We’re wishing we’d gotten a few more boxes.

Once upon a time I was motivated to clean my house. Then I went on vacation. Ugh, the bathrooms are getting scary. Someone come visit so I’ll have some real motivation.

A friend of mine posted this public forum letter from the Salt Lake Tribune on his blog. The fact that there are people like this out there makes me afraid for our nation. Key phrase: "I don't get the logic."

I, who loves to brag about the lack of TV watching Chris and I engage in, have become addicted to the show Glee. How sad. But so, so funny.  I can't help it.  It sucked me in.

Speaking of TV watching, the girls seem to have forgotten about Qubo now that school’s started. I’m sure we’re missing a whole host of informative commercials for terribly useful items, but I’m not about to remind them.

I like it when Ellie and her friend play Sleeping Beauty. They’re nice and quiet.  Not like the time they played "see who can scream the loudest and longest."

I need some more Beatles CDs.

Why does the phrase “puffy blue dress” make me giggle today?


  1. Tee hee. I love your passive-agressive war in the Costco parking lot.

    As for the African Elephant, I'm quite happy the name they chose is "Zuri". It's from Africa and it starts with a Z. But maybe I'm biased because the name we choose for our baby is also from Africa and also start with Z.

    And as for that poor lady who wanted an American name that we all could pronounce...hmmmm. I can't think of anything nice. Oh well.

    My favorite quote on your friend's blog: "Bartell, what on earth is a 'chimi changa'? I'm calling the bishop."

  2. Oh, I am dying to get my hands on those digitally remastered Beatles CDs. Maybe for Christmas. And I love your Costco story. Good for you!

  3. I might be overanalyzing this, but I feel the author is expressing frustration at the idea that people (or elephants) assimilating to American culture is not only unneccesary, but wrong. That American culture, in and of itself, is wrong.

    I am suprised that people are outraged about the author suggesting an American name. Don't most people who adopt from other countries give their child an American name..or even change it to an "american" name, if they already have one in their country?

    On a side note, what makes me afraid for our nation is the complete breakdown of the family, which I see every day at my job.

  4. Nice going making that lady wait. I think ANYONE in a BMW deserves it..whatever "it" is they deserve long as it's something snotty. And as far as Glee....I am obsessed with it. Welcome to the Glee club!

  5. Shopping at Costco in West Valley means that there are always hundreds of parking spots available...on the downside, it probably means that they wont stay in business long.

    I love the name Zuri. In fact I like it so much that I thought that if I had another daughter I would name her Zuri. But then she would be named after the elephant at the zoo (who is my new favorite thing at the zoo and out of the zoo) and that doesn't strike me as good for a little girls self image.

  6. random: L- where do you work? Social Services? just curious.

    What a funny lady. Who wants an Elephant named Paul?

    Lastly, Zoos are super depressing.


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