Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I get ridiculously excited when old friends find me on facebook. That, and being able to chat with Pam are really the only things that keep me there. I refuse to get sucked into any of the games.

I’m taking a bunch of Girl Scouts to the corn maze today. In the rain. And mud. Pray for me. (hey, speaking of facebook, I think I’ll go make this my status. It sounds good.)

Why is it that I agonize over writing my status updates? Everyone else writes literally whatever comes into their heads (sometimes waaaay too often – I’m just sayin’), but I have to think about it, and write and re-write, and then after I post it I get all stressed that it sounds stupid. Yeah, I think it’s best if facebook and I have a very casual, very remote relationship.

Apparently I’m ruining Ellie’s life. Bummer.

Oooh, better not forget the camera today!

Why won’t my children wear clothes?

I’ve been pondering lately why on earth there are so many differing views in the world. Good grief, can’t everyone see that MY views are the best?!

I still remember a commercial from years ago, where the announcer voice said, “home-cooked meal on a weeknight?” in a shocked voice (I think it was actually advertising KFC. Home-cooked my left toenail! Ahem...anyway...) I used to laugh at that, because weeknights were when I actually cooked. Saturdays are a free-for-all. But now that my kids are older and busier, I get it. Aha!

I should probably finish the girls’ Halloween costumes.

Chris thinks I should be Tonks (from Harry Potter) for Halloween. With pink spiked hair. But that’s as far as he can get in the costume idea. He just wants to see me with pink spiked hair, I guess.

I need to stop editing other people’s blogs for grammar. I promise I don’t do it to be critical, it’s just that I’m a total nerd. And contrary to popular belief, “yeah” is not spelled “ya”. (and yes, I am aware that “yea” is not spelled “yay”, but for some reason I’ve hated “yea” my whole life. It doesn’t look complete. Am I totally strange? Wait, don’t answer that.)

Okay, sorry, I guess I’m kind of on one today. Maybe it’s time to publish and then force bribe encourage my kids to get dressed.


  1. I love reading your random thoughts. It brings a smile to my face! Have fun today at the maze!

  2. Love your blog, very entertaining. Mine's kind of boring. I'll be sure to put lots of yea's and ya's in it just for you.

  3. Allison,

    Forget remote! Have an up close and personal relationship with Facebook!! The more status updates the better..especially if they are emo:)

    My blog is a grammar DISASTER. I reread it and am shocked that I got through 6 years of higher education. I think my main issue is not using commas, appropriately. (see what I mean?)

    Harry Potter themed costumes rock! All you need is the pink, spiked hair, a cape, and a broom:) Your husband has to be Lupin then, though!!!

    I think another problem is the excessive exclamation points!!!!!

  4. I have always believed that yay, as in "Yay! I get to sleep in" or "Yay! We're having popcorn and ice cream for dinner" is spelled Y-A-Y. Any other way just looks wrong. If that makes me a snob, then so be it.

  5. I've actually thought of throwing out a few grammar questions on my blog for people to answer. I have problems with "yeah" and with commas - well, and probably other things. Anyway, good thing I am not an English major. That would be embarrassing.

  6. I get positively giddy when you are on Facebook and we get to chat!

  7. I totally understand about the status updates on facebook. I have written three today then reconsidered and decided not to. I think I am too paranoid. But then again I think the same thing about the comments that I leave on blogs. I think I am just totally paranoid. (=

    Good luck with the maze. Hope it turns out to be a blast!

  8. I hope you had fun at the corn maze and your car didn't get too destroyed!

  9. I agree. It's "Yay! I'm so excited!" and "Yea, behold, Aaron begat Ishmael". It's "Yeah, I totally agree" and "Ya, I'm actually from Norway." Why doesn't everyone else get that????

    Go for Tonks. It's so punk rock it's fun. :)

  10. Sariah, that is the best explanation I have ever heard!

  11. Nobody cares about your life.


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