Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look! I've created skeptics

At the beginning of the summer, when the TV gods failed and the digital switchover took place, the girls discovered Qubo. And I discovered that it’s possible to loathe a TV channel with a loathing so powerful it makes Chutes and Ladders sound like fun.

While the shows are sub par, what I hate most are the commercials. Oh, the commercials. They’re not even for stuff I might possibly find useful. In my opinion, everything advertised on Qubo falls into one of two categories: a) stupid kid stuff (Pillow Pets, Chixos, Moon Sand, and Bendaroos all fit here), or b) stupid adult stuff (the Snuggie tops this one, but there’s also Gold Envelope, Heel Stick, and the Cell Phone Wallet, which the girls think I need.)

I've mentioned before how I explained the possibility that you can’t always trust advertising, and how I demonstrated "before" and "after" (actually, it was “fat” and “skinny”, but same difference) for them. Well, yesterday afternoon I happened upon my children gathered around the TV set, deeply involved in an ad for a hair restoration product. And commenting out loud. “No way that’s the same person!” “Oh, you can totally tell that’s a different head!” “Look, the hair’s not even the same color!”

The small comfort in this new additude is that in all likelyhood they’ll always be safe from Nigerian bankers.


  1. Ha ha, so true about the Nigerian bankers! I hate commercials. We got DVR just so that we can still watch our favorite shows but not waste time watching stupid commercials.

  2. Ah yes, the Nigerian bankers. But are they safe from the UK lottery?? (I keep winning that, but have yet to receive any money. The UK owes me millions, man!)

    We were watching YouTube videos of people putting Mentos in Diet Coke (Way fun, by the way. We did it.) and there is one video where the kids put the Mentos in the Coke bottle, put the cap back on, shook it up, then supposedly the bottle blew up. Lots of flames. Aiden and I said at the same time, "That is SO fake!" I was so proud of my son (who is normally a sucker. Ask him about aliens sometime).

  3. "I discovered that it’s possible to loathe a TV channel with a loathing so powerful it makes Chutes and Ladders sound like fun."


    I think you should feel a sense of pride in this little critics you've created.

    (This is Carrie, by the way. Not Zack. Though I think he would agree.)

  4. Allie,don't you want to be able to read a book without your arms getting cold but rather surrounded by leopard print?

    As a reader I'm shocked you can't see the genius of this invention.


  5. Bah ha! I love it. I too hate Qubo, thank heavens they don't have it here.


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