Sunday, December 21, 2008

The trip to Grandma's

Well, we're in Utah. Very, very happily in Utah. The actual drive down here is never something we look forward to. 12 hours in a car with three little girls...yeah, not my idea of a good time. But it's generally not too bad. We usually leave around 3am and the girls sleep for the first few hours, making it seem like a shorter trip for them. This year, with the snowstorms in Portland, we decided to wait and leave around 6am, thinking that it would be a little safer then. It was a great plan.

At 4:30 Saturday morning Lexi threw up. Lovely. So I cleaned up while Chris went to check the weather to see if we could postpone. And he discovered that the storm that had just ended was being closely followed by another one, and if we were going to spend Christmas in Utah, we had to go NOW. Fifteen minutes ago. And then Lexi threw up again.

So we prayed hard, gave some blessings, prayed some more, and piled into the car. We pulled out around 6:45. We had driven 15 minutes when we saw a sign indicating that chains were required for the next 70 miles. So we pulled off, put on the chains, and drove 40mph for the next two hours. With all three girls awake (and fortunately not throwing up.) After we passed The Dalles the snow let up and we took off the chains. We made approximately 400 pit stops for people (Lexi) who HAD TO GO POTTY THIS VERY SECOND! and who apparently just really wanted to be out of the car. Although I can't blame her for wanting to be out of the car, I can't wait until she grasps the fact that the time it takes to get to Grandma's is disproportionate to the time we spend out of the car going potty.

We finally pulled in to Grandma E.'s just after 10:00pm, Utah time. That's 15 hours. Not fun. But we were watched over and greatly blessed. We made it safely and nobody threw up. The Lord hears and answers prayers. The girls have already found the pickle hidden on the tree, given a Christmas present to the fairies in Grandma's fairy garden, built a snow cave with Uncle Blaine (I forgot the cable to the camera, so I'll have to post pictures after we get home), and completely trashed Grandma's living room with toys the haven't seen in 6 months. And we get to trash Grandma Y.'s house tomorrow! We are so happy to be here!


  1. We're so glad you're here, too! I'm glad you guys made it here safely. And I'm glad Lexi didn't throw up in the car, though probably not as glad as you are.

  2. Thats a crazy drive. Brett and I just did the 10 hours over Donner pass and it wasn't so nasty as we thought. Whats this about a pickle in a tree?

  3. Oops...I meant to put in a link to explain the tradition. It's there now!

  4. We loved seeing you and hope we get to see much more of you throughout the week!

  5. I'm so glad you had a safe trip! You are very brave to make that trip in one go! We are such wimps and we only have one child.
    I love the pickle tradition! We have a German Christmas market downtown and they have many pickles to choose from. When we first went there, we were very puzzled by all the pickles. We still haven't broken down and bought one.
    Have a wonderful time with your family and send everyone my love! Hope you have better weather on the way home. I am sitting here watching it snow AGAIN!!!!


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