Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

But for kids, it's so delightful!

Not so much for Mom, though. It is currently 26 degrees outside, with the windchill factor making it feel like 9 degrees (thank you,!) And the girls wonder why I won't let them outside now. It wasn't quite this cold earlier today, so they bundled up and went out to play for a while in the dusty snow that was blowing all over the place. I stayed out long enough to take this one picture, and then my hands were numb and I couldn't take it anymore. They're stronger than me, I guess.

This picture was taken from the back door of our house. We don't get snow very often here, but you can see what's accumulated so far today:

I know those of you in Utah or the Chicago area will laugh your heads off at this, but church only lasted a half hour today before they sent everyone home. I'm sure school will either be cancelled, or at the very least delayed. The track record dictates it.

On a completely unrelated note, while taking the above picture, I happened to notice this incredibly fat squirrel gorging himself on our neighbors' deck and had to take his picture. I never knew squirrels could have eating disorders, but this can't possibly be normal for December!


  1. We played in the snow with Abbie after our last storm. She took issue with her mittens. She wanted to take them off and on over and over. Off so she could actually use her little shovel to fill a bucket - on to warm them up again. It was a little crazy!

  2. I remember the cold winters in Oregon and trust me there is nothing to be ashamed about. The wetness seems to make it colder than any Utah weather and I live in Utah. Your girls are darling. I love the fact that kids love the snow. Me not so much but my kids LOVE it! The squirrel is kind of large but maybe it is a sign of a tough winter? Kind of like a fat groundhog. (=

  3. That is the fattest squirel I've ever seen. How is it managing to perch on the railing like that? Maybe it's frozen there...


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