Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday (Saturday Edition)

Thursday was a very busy and frustrating day, hence the late posting. Not only did I have to clean the house because we had family coming in to town, but the computer decided to take a vacation when I desperately needed it to burn 40+ CDs for our Primary Christmas activity, which is this afternoon. I cried, I begged, I swore (yes, I did), and finally I prayed, feeling really stupid for asking the Lord to help me get my CD burner to work. However, He loves me and I got it figured out. I have also apologized to the computer for calling it bad words. I think it has forgiven me.

Why do my kids always seem to get sick right before we have grandparents come visit? This is the third time in the 3 ½ years we’ve lived here that this has happened, and the third kid it’s happened to. Fortunately, though, this one was very short-lived. Two hours of fever, one throw-up-all-over-the-couch-the-floor-and-Mom’s-pillow session, and then a really big lunch and everything was fine. My kids not only get illnesses at inconvenient times, they also get weird ones.

Vomit freaks me out a lot less than it used to.

I saw Twilight on Tuesday. I was going to wait until I was in Utah and see it with Emily, but then I found out that a friend of mine had no one to see it with (at least not anyone who wasn’t utterly and slightly frighteningly obsessed). Since I’m the one who introduced her to the books in the first place I decided I’d better follow through. Neither of us went in with very high expectations, and it turns out we were both pleasantly surprised! That’s right, I actually liked it. I will see it again (this time with you, Em, if you still want to) because I can’t stop thinking about Edward. It’s like reading the book for the first time all over again (and also for the third time, which I’m currently doing - it’s better this time than the last). I am utterly pathetic and Chris can’t stop laughing at me.

The waterfall at the end is less than half and hour from my house. And my friend’s husband teaches at the high school. How’s that for a 6-degrees connection to the movie?

Another cool movie I watched recently is The Illusionist. Very well done, and very good story. I highly recommend it.

Having one set of grandparents visit is the girls’ dream come true. Having both sets at once has them convinced they’ve died and gone to heaven. I can’t blame them – I kind of feel the same way.

I feel like I’m a lot more in control of myself now than I was even three years ago. Maybe it comes with age, but even though the last couple of days did not go exactly as planned, I feel like I’m a lot calmer now than the same situation would have made me a few years ago. Life goes on. Kids throw up, CD-Rom drives refuse to work, the bread doesn’t rise right, you forget the dry underwear for your daughter’s baptism, and yet somehow I don’t dissolve into a crying heap on the kitchen floor, surrounded by the detritus of motherhood. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this being a grownup business.


  1. I just saw Twilight last night for the third time. I am obsessed too. I feel like such a dork sometimes. My obsession is with Jasper though...MMMMM Jasper..

  2. I think you are the only person I could see Twilight with. Everyone I know is obsessed to the Nth.

    PS - I think that getting the motherhood thing down probably comes with age - and with not having babies wake you up in the night all the time or suck the energy out of you in the form of milk. At least that is my working theory.

  3. Lol. I think you're a bit ahead of me on the motherhood front. Well done you.

    Also--I thoroughly enjoyed Twilight and will definitely go see it again (with Aaron this time).


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