Monday, June 30, 2008


Isn't he the cutest little robot ever?

We took the girls to see Wall-E on Saturday and it was hands-down a winner! Chris and I are in agreement that Pixar totally outdid themselves on this one. Ellie had a bit of a hard time, but it wasn't that she didn't like the movie. She just sat through the half-hour of previews for incredibly stupid movies (Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Seriously, how stupid can you get?), anxiously awaiting the chance to "see the Wall-E show", and by the time it actually started her little two-year-old self was finished sitting still. I had to take her potty 4 times during the movie (lucky me, sitting on the end - I think Chris planned that!) To her credit, she actually went potty all four times, but it about drove me crazy. Despite all that, though, she keeps asking when we can watch it again.

There's not much dialogue - in fact, in the first hour it's mostly just music and robot beeps. But you don't need dialogue when the images on the screen are so entertaining. And the great thing about movies like this is that it's great for all ages. Chris and I would have enjoyed this on our own just as much (and uninterrupted) as we did with the kids. We reccommend it to everyone!


  1. We are excited to see this one. Glad you loved it. Can't wait to take the chillin's!

  2. We took Will to it last night and were all three enchanted.

  3. I'm glad you liked the movie - now I'm even more anxious to see it!


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