Monday, March 10, 2008

The last, lonely cookies

Remember this?

This is all the Girl Scout cookies that are left in my house! Hooray!!! One case is being mailed to Grandma Y. as soon as I can get to the post office, one case is going home with Grandma E. when they come up in two weeks, and one case contains 5 boxes for some friends from church that we haven't been able to connect with yet. Sales end today and we'll have everything totaled up and prizes sent away for by Friday, and then NO MORE COOKIES! (until next January)


  1. I think I would be grateful that all the temptation would be gone. Hard to resist cookies!!! Congrats on being all done though.

  2. Congrats I only wish we could have ordered some!

  3. Hey Allison,
    I hope that Chris doesn't mind that I've left comments on all his posts. I would think that he likes to get a reaction, and we've got a new laptop that I like to spend time on.=) Anyway, I have a couple friends that are Girl Scout moms and they seem really relieved that cookie season is over.

  4. No worries Danielle - Chris was hoping that he'd get some traffic to his blog through mine.

    I will officially be done with cookies after Friday, and Chris and I are going out to dinner to celebrate! Okay, well, we're going out, and I'm celebrating the end of cookie sales. Next year will be worse: Lexi will be a Brownie and then we'll have 2 troops to deal with. I am not looking forward to that.

  5. Ahh, girl scout cookies, I think I could eat myself to death with those! Yes, you have a great memory, Jane is Marianne's eldest child. Her second daughter,Emily is getting married in Salt Lake sometime in August, and did I tell you Matt is engaged, his wedding will be in Salt Lake June 20th. I feel old as well. By the way, I posted some comments on your hubby's blog, he's probably wondering who the heck I am!

  6. I don't know yet when we'll be in Salt Lake this summer, but if it happens to coincide with either of those weddings, I will let you know! How awesome would that be to see each other after...well, a really long time!


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