Monday, February 18, 2008

What is a trillion?

I am the cookie QUEEEEEEEEN!!!

Like the crown? Vicki made it. It looks better on her, but she didn't carry all the boxes. I EARNED that crown.

Chris heard a guy on the radio talking about how he makes big numbers more understandable for people. The way he explained a trillion (I have no idea how many zeros that is, by the way, or I'd write it in numbers) is that that's enough money to buy EVERY PERSON in the country 1000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

In my living room on Saturday, we had enough cookies for one and a half of us.

The picture's really dark, but they took up an entire wall, with some stacked two deep. That's a lot of cookies. The number has been diminished by more than half now, but we still have close to 700 boxes stacked in cases in the corner.

And yes, they've already started calling my name.

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  1. Holy wow that is a lot of cookies!!! I love the crown by the way. It totally suits you!


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