Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is it with my kids?

Specifically my oldest.

Today after school Vicki informed me that she'd told two of her friends that I'd be happy to make them each a Monchhichi costume for them to wear in the school talent show. Apparently their teacher has, for some inexplicable reason, taught them the Monchhichi jingle. Which I had not thought of in years, if ever, really. I remember them from the 80's, but I never had one and was never really all that excited about them. But now I'm expected to sew not one but three costumes of the ugly little things so that Vicki, Larisa, and Maria can dress up like them and, respectively, sing the jingle, play it on the piano, and play it on the violin. I suppose I should be grateful that Vicki has such confidence in my sewing abilities. Now I need to constructive way to tell her it's never going to happen.

And for those of you who don't remember the jingle, enjoy this. I know I did, all 30 times the girls watched it before I decided it is possible to have too much Monchhichi.


  1. At least she believes in you...she thinks you can do anything!!

  2. Ok, so I remember the dolls but don't remember the commercial. Where did they learn it again? Oh and good luck making the costumes if you attempt to do it. That could be quite the undertaking. LOL At least you know that they think the world of you. Not everyone in the world is worthy of the title "supermom"!

  3. Please take a picture when you're finished. I want to see how in the world you're going to make those costumes!


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