Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Am I crazy for being appalled that my college classmates would use emoticons and "lol" in a graded assignment?

The sun has been shining for the last couple of days, and it's heavenly.  Of course, it was shining for the last several months.  But the two were separated by a week of rain, and I'm mourning the passing of our gorgeous Indian summer.  I love Fall, but I love it best when it's crisp and sunny.

I need to get busy on Halloween costumes.  That volcano outfit is not going to make itself.

I love listening to Ellie read.  She's come a long way in just the last few weeks.

There's no school for middle schoolers tomorrow, so Vicki and her friends are going on a "field trip" to the Portland Art Museum.  We did this last year, and it was great.  Even if they're not learning, they can still learn.

Lexi told me this morning that her iPod isn't quite as exciting as she thought it would be because she can't take it to school.  Translation: she was hoping to look cool with it.  Poor kid.  Life's tough.

I am fundraisered out.  Please let there be no more fundraisers at either school for a long, long time.  At least until Girl Scout cookie sales are over.

I'm not looking forward to cookie sales.  It doesn't start until January, but I'm already dreading it.

My brother-in-law moved to Australia last month.  Now Ellie wants him to send her a koala.  Secretly, so do I.

Also, he wants the girls to make a video of the toilet flushing so we can compare and see if they really do swirl the opposite direction down under.

Vicki's been complaining of a stomachache for the last several days.  We finally figured out the problem - gym class.  She's using muscles she hasn't been using before.  Definitely a good thing.

My kids hate my nutrition class.  It's ruining their lives.  I love it.

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  1. lol and emoticons?!! Oh, how I wish you were joking--that is unreal!

    1. I wish I were joking, too. It's painful to read some of the things people write. We use a discussion board because it's an online class, but the instructions clearly say that college-level writing is expected (one of the pre-requisites for this class is a writing class, for crying out loud), and the last time I checked, emoticons were not college-level writing. So sad. So very, very sad. :(

    2. You're right, that is so so sad. Emoticons and lolz. At least there weren't any cheezburger cats randomly pasted in with the text, were there? If so, they at least formatted the text to wrap around the picture so that it looked good, did they?

      Some people's children!!

      Anyway, I actually came down here to the comments to simply post the youtube video of that one clip from the Simpsons where they have the toilet rigged to spin the American way. But the only good one I can find is in Spanish. So... Spanish.

  2. Sadly, Australian customs officers are very vigilant, and get kind of cranky if you try to remove native animals. Which is good because you don't want a koala around for long- they eat only eucalypt leaves. They don't drink water. So a koala close up is rather pungent (and flammable). Kind of like living with a living ball of very eucalyptus oil soaked fur. It's sad but true. Possibly why you don't see many souvenir items made of (real) koala fur.
    They also have this habit of sleeping in trees where one might set up a camp kitchen below, resulting in koala poo in the kitchen (yes, really truly happened).

    A drop bear perhaps? Or a hoop snake?


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