Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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School starts in less than a week.  We are definitely ready.  Well, at least I am.  I can only handle "there's nothing to do!" so many more times before I lose it completely.

I hope the school will be ready to open by Tuesday.  They've been remodeling all summer, and it still looks like a construction zone.

We took Ellie's Girl Scout troop to the Enchanted Forest yesterday.  Awesome fun.

Six 6-year-olds really wear a person out.

Last night Vicki went to a birthday party and didn't get home until 11:30.  I guess it's time to start getting used to that kind of thing.  In a little over a year she'll be a teenager.

And if that's not scary, I don't know what is.

I'm fairly certain I put my home phone on the Do Not Call registry, but I keep getting "very important messages" about my "credit card account".  Often "Rachel" at "cardholder services" calls me.  Or someone with an indistinguishable name calling about my "Windows computer".  The little bit of glee I get from hanging up on them is outweighed by the sheer number of calls I have to hang up on.  I miss the good old days, when we got prank calls from kids who thought it was funny to swear at us.

Why do my kids' feet grow so fast?  I'm tired of buying shoes that only fit for a month.

There is a jar of Nutella downstairs that's crying out for someone to spread it on a banana.  I think I should probably go help with that.

Your turn!

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  1. Mmmmmmm.... Nutella. Sorry can't focus on anything else anymore.


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