Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I wish I could think of things to blog about on days that aren't Thursdays.

My parents came to visit us this week, and my (not so) little brother came along.  It was a lot of fun to have them here.  There's something pretty awesome about uncles.

We were finally able to fulfill my dad's dream of taking his dog, Riff, to the beach.  Good times were had by all.

Shopping for school supplies is not my favorite activity.  At least I got it over with.

You know you're raising a nerd when the thing they beg for the most in Target is a TI-84 calculator.  I might as well buy the kid pocket protectors.

Actually, I think our brand of nerdiness is pretty awesome.

I love the Olympics, and I love England.  This is the best week ever.  The Opening Ceremonies made me so happy.

There are a lot of commercials they show over and over during the Olympics that I've grown VERY tired of, but the one with the ex-girlfriend who believes all the governments are following her makes me laugh every single time.

Yesterday afternoon Ellie didn't know how to ride a two-wheeler.  Today she rode it to the park.  I guess she was ready.

(It's a little hard to understand her, but at the end she says, "I biked! I biked, I biked, I bi-iked!")

Your turn!

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  1. We are loving the Olympics too! Thanks for the book recommendation but I've already read it. I agree good but not great. Also I would recommend Sherlock. The first season is streamed on Netflicks and it is very, very, good.


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