Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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My fridge seems to make ice in quantities that are directly disproportionate to the height of the temperature outside.  Really not cool, fridge.  We're dying here.

Not having A/C in the house isn't a problem for about 51 weeks of the year.  This week, it's a problem.

I just had the following conversation with Ellie:

  • Ellie: Mom, I need a chart.
  • Me: Really?  What for?
  • E: Well, I need it so...actually, I need a kind of a calendar, so that...Mom, I need a calendar for...I need a calendar for one day so...just one day at a time so that I'll know...Mom, I need a list, Mom, I need it for knowing...I need a chart with pictures of...Mom, I need it to show me so I'll know what I have to...I need a paper with some pictures on it of...I need a chart for telling me how...what I have to...I need a chart, or like a, a bunch of pictures to tell me what I need to...Mom, you know when we put stickers on stuff?  Like when we do things?  I
  • M: You need a job chart?
  • E: That's what I said.

My head is still spinning.

Extreme heat and extreme boredom seem to go hand in hand.  It's too hot to do anything, kids.  Here, have another popsicle.

Lexi decided she wants to teach a dance class. She's planning to choreograph something and then teach it to her friends.  Her music of choice?  ABBA.  At least I'm doing something right.

Your turn!


  1. You are lucky. If I say I like something (movie, music, whatever). That seems to be a warning to my kids that it is uncool. Abbie even has said in no uncertain terms she does NOT want to read Harry Potter.

    1. Next time we're down there, I'll have the girls work on her. Surely if Vicki, Lexi, and Ellie think it's awesome then it will be cool for her, too, right?


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