Friday, June 29, 2012

I Open My Mouth and the Words Fall Out

Sometimes, as a parent, we are required to do things that we never in a million years could possibly have imagined doing before we had children.  Things like wiping your child's nose with your bare hand, or letting them leave the house with 25 barrettes strategically placed (by them) on top of their head.

And sometimes we say things that you can't even make up.  Remember this?  The phrases come out of our mouths, and it's only once we've said them that we stop and think, holy cow, where did that come from?

For example, a few days ago the girls and I were all in the car with my mom.  The girls were in the backseat and things were getting a little heated, when I suddenly found myself uttering the following sentence: "It's not okay to call your sister a hobo unless you're willing to let her call you a hobo, too."

Being a parent is awesome.

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