Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Having school uniforms was supposed to eliminate the drama of getting dressed in the mornings.  And up until this morning, it did.

There is way, waaaaaay too much chocolate in my house.  This is not good for me and my hips.  So not good.

Kit Kats for breakfast may not be the healthiest option, but it's the one that goes over with the least resistance.  Don't judge me.

I decided to let Vicki read The Hunger Games.  But I told her we have to read it at the same time.  The only trouble is, she's a faster reader than me (which, if you know me, you'll know is saying something), so by the time I started on my copy, she was halfway finished with hers.  She read the whole thing in one day, and I'm still on page 30.

It's nice, for a change, to hear a private school parent defend their decision to send their kid to private school, rather than feel like they're questioning my decision to send my kid to public school.

I get to register for my next term in a few weeks.  And one of the classes I need to take is available online in two different sessions, both of which include an on-campus lab that conflicts with something else.  Neither one is out of the question, but I sure wish it was offered on one other day as well.

It was probably not the smartest move for me to bake cookies the day after Halloween.

Your turn!

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  1. Kate has read it (so now we know where ideas come from) and I have given up trying to keep up with them. Oh, and...
    Reads faster than 'I.'
    I knew you'd want me to tell you.

  2. Just consider that Vicki has more time to read than you do....that's it! I'm surprised"private school" parents up there attack public schoolers. Ironically, here the only parents I've talked to who do send their kids to private school take a similar approach as the parent it sounds like you recently talked to. They are almost embarrassed, and while they feel like it was best for their kids situations, they don't want people judging them, thinking they are snotty, or wealthy. I think it is sad how much parents judge other parents decisions.

  3. I have decided no baked goods in my house until the candy is gone. Not sure if that it a good or bad thing. Since it's making me eat it faster just so I cam make pumpkin goodies. (that was in response to your making cookies after Halloween).

  4. It's interesting you're hearing people defend either choice. Here it's the charter school vs. public school (although both are really public schools). I haven't noticed people really judging other parents (at least not out loud!)- maybe it's my adolescent insecurities playing out in the grown up playground?

    Candy must be's the worst being the one home with that big bowl of goodies beggin for a bite or two while everyone else if off at work and school. I guess it's tis the season!

    I loved The Hunger Games series - but the third one seemed more violent to me and didn't live up to the standard of the first...the second seemed more of the same.

    Congrats on your schooling success! That's so exciting!


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