Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

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To get a copy of the above image, click here! is Thursday.  It took until 1:00 for that to actually sink in.  Must be summer.

Tonight I'm taking Vicki and Lexi (and Vicki's friend Shelbie) to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!  Woohoo!!!

In honor of the movie, we made Muddy Buddies.  I'm not sure what they have to do with Harry Potter (unlike these, which I would love to make but don't have anywhere near enough time), but we snuck them in when we went to the last HP movie, and apparently you only have to do something once for it to become tradition.

I need to not let myself get riled up over things people post on Facebook.  Especially when they didn't post them to rile anyone up in the first place.

Maybe I'm too opinionated.

"Rachel" from "Cardholder Services" keeps calling me.  I wish she'd stop.

This summer seems to be the summer of things really clicking for my kids in swimming.  Vicki passed the last level this morning (woohoo!), Lexi is in level 9 (out of 10), and Ellie is in level 4 and learning arm strokes.  And I'm proud of them.

We got the A/C fixed in the van (hint: if you buy a used car in October in Oregon, you won't need it, but check the A/C anyway), which means we get to go to Utah this summer after all!

10 more hours until Harry Potter!!!

Your turn!

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  1. You are married into the Ebert family. Opinionated is a prerequisite.

    We are SO excited you are coming.

    Have fun at Harry Potter! I will have fun sleeping!


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