Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Until today, I didn’t know doctor’s offices would schedule appointments a year in advance, but apparently they do.  And I have no idea how I'll remember it.  But Vicki's cast is off, hooray!

My cousins, the ones who adopted a baby boy last year right around Christmas, have just adopted another baby boy! Their story is pretty amazing. Happy tears.  Lots and lots of happy tears.  You can read all about it here. Congratulations to Zack, Carrie, Caleb, and little Noah!

I think “Happy a Nice Day” is going to be my new catchphrase. It has a nice ring to it.

Last night we had dinner at The Original Taco House and, by doing so, helped our school raise money for technology. How cool is that?

It is entirely possible that I recycled a Netflix movie yesterday. I'm thinking this isn't a good thing.

Yesterday my baby turned 5.  One month from today, my oldest child will be 10.  Wow.

I have an almost-finished Belle costume lurking in my kitchen, but I’m hiding from it because I messed up on the gathers for the skirt and I have to tear it all out and redo that part. But I also have laundry that needs folding and bathrooms that need cleaning, and I feel guilty working on a Halloween costume instead. And there are two more costumes to finish when I’m done with that one. Ugh.

Aaaaaand…if I’m going to accomplish all I’d like to today, this round of Random Thoughts is officially over.

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  1. What kind of technology is your school trying to purchase? I wish I knew how to sew - the best I can do is buttons. I am so happy for your cousin! I think I need to network with her and ask a few questions.


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