Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

From our pirate, princess, and cowgirl:

I worked hard on these costumes, so, dang it, I get to show them off!

And a very happy day to you all from us punks.

This is how we dressed for the church party.  We're so awesome.


  1. Amazing!!! As a new Halloween costume maker, I aspire to be at your level one day! Fabulous.

    I think you and Chris should adopt that as your new look!

  2. Wait..why didn't you and Chris dress up? :)

    p.s.- I am in awe of those costumes. My mom would put us in long skirts and give us fake jewelry and say we were gypsies.

  3. Love the blue hair. And Chris's beauty mark. I also desperately want to know how your ward responded. Please, oh please???

    PS - I already know that you are way beyond what I ever will be when it comes to sewing Halloween costumes. So props!!

  4. Danielle, we're seriously considering it. But should I stick with the blue hair, or try a different color? Decisions, decisions...

    Lori, I wore that same gypsy costume one year!

    Em, I think we shocked the ward. Although several people told me they thought the look suited me. I'm not really sure what to make of that...

  5. I can't believe you made those costumes. Where do you learn to sew? Where does anybody learn to sew?

  6. I can't believe those costumes, Allie. They are SPECTACULAR. The girls look awesome and happy. Well done Mom!

  7. Love the girls' costumes! You just KNOW that there were "those" people in your ward that were flabergasted. Good for you guys!


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