Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I have been such an apathetic blogger lately, and I’m so disappointed in myself. If not for Thursdays, this would probably be one of those blogs that drive me crazy, because I keep thinking, why have a blog if you don’t write in it! I’ve started a few posts, but I seem to lack the motivation to actually post them. I’m working on that.

I’m turning into a true Oregonian. I walked home this morning from dropping the girls off at school. In the rain. Without an umbrella. Go me.

Last night Chris and I watched the first-ever episode of Lost. Yeah, we’re a little behind the times.

This morning Ellie woke up in tears. Apparently she had a dream involving a green machine that was turning dogs into candy, and it was very distressing.

We start Girl Scout meetings next week. I’m gearing myself up for that added level of craziness.

If you’re looking for a great way to waste an entire day, check this out. The girls and I have become addicted. Coolest internet game ever.

I am, apparently, the kind of person who gets completely overwhelmed by big messes. Rather than deal with it, I tend to just shut down and ignore it, hoping it will just go away. That strategy’s not working out so well, though.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting would be really tasty for breakfast, don’t you think?

Your turn!

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  1. You got that game from Epbot, didn't you?? hee hee. I was totally playing it the other day. SO addicting and fun.

    ANY cake for breakfast is completely acceptable. I come from a Bill Cosby kind of family. "We love cake! Dad is great!"

    I'm one of those blogs you're talking about, huh? Sorry. I'm going to go write something right now...

  2. Russ and I tried to get into Lost a few year ago by watching the first episode. At the time we realized that we didn't have the time, and ended it quickly. Just be warned you are starting a serious, committed, relationship -- be sure you are ready.

  3. How are Ellie's prosyleting (spell?) efforts going? :)


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